Monday, January 11, 2010

Harga Portrait

Pencil/ Black & White
Size (inches) Price (RM)
11 x 15 RM 80
(1 person)
11 x 15 RM 150
(2 person)
15 x 22 RM 130
(1 person)
15 x 22 RM 180
(2 person)

Pastel Color
Size (inches) Price (RM)
11 x 15 RM 200
15 x 22 RM 300 - RM 400
20 x 24 RM 500 - RM 600
22 x 30 RM 700 - RM 800

Size (inches) Price (RM)
11 x 14 700
16 x 20 1500 - 2500
20 x 24 3000 - 5000
24 x 30 6000 - 8000

Saturday, January 2, 2010

tempahan untuk portrait

saya masih baru dalam dunia blogging. diharapkan, blog sy ini mendapat perhatian dr blogger2 lain dan penggune2 internet. so, kepada yg berminat untuk me portrait kan wajah anda, atau wajah org kesayangan anda, atau family anda, boleh email saya di untuk pertanyaan atau tempahan, bleh email ye. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

my very first painting

it has been 23 years since i painted this. in 1986.


Gladly, after a while, this blog has become alive again. thanks to my daughter who willingly to setup my blog. though the color isnt my fav, i appreciated her efforts. thanks ana. haha. and as stated in my profile, i am a freelance artist. i loves to draw and paint. there are paintings, potraits and even comics. i will be uploaded the pictures of my paintings soon. thus, there will be less words and more pictures. :). a little bit about my background. i have received education from Institute of Art. i was a clerk in UMBC and now i am freelance artist that draw pictures for children's books and potraits. so, to visitors of my blog, if u are interested in portraits, do send me your information and pictures or contact me through this email